Projects description

Akvo was hired by Groupe-Conseil Genipur to work in collaboration with them on two engineering projects carried out for the City of Delson.


1/ Biogas emissions monitoring

The City of Delson has a former landfill in its area. It is equipped with a passive system to intercept, capture and eliminate biogases.


For this project, our mandate was to:

  • Inspect the site and take biogas samples every month at measurement points predetermined by the City;
  • Compile available data;
  • Prepared signed monthly environmental monitoring reports for submission to the City.



2/Study of the Construction of a soccer field on a decommissioned landfill

The City of Delson is exploring the construction of building soccer fields on the site of a decommissioned landfill.


For this project, our mandate was to:

  • Analyze environmental characterization data from the site to determine what types of complimentary studies to expect;
  • Develop different contaminant mitigation and site layout options in collaboration with the City and in accordance to their needs;
  • Identify, assess, supervise and manage complimentary environmental characterizations of the site, carried out by a specialised firm;
  • Prepare a construction permit application in accordance with Article 65 of the Environment Quality Act. This application was supported by historical information and data from the supplementary characterization conducted during the preliminary studies. It also included the different mitigation options to be implemented during the project, including capping of contaminated soil as required by the Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement.

Client and projects details


Groupe-Conseil Genipur inc.

Consulting engineering firm


  • Monitoring of biogas concentrations at a former landfill
  • Preliminary studies for the construction of a soccer fields on a decommissioned landfill


Delson, Quebec