Project description

Akvo was hired by Cosigma Structure inc. to find solutions for a recurring problem with basement flooding in a building whose water has high calcium levels and to treat this water.

The treatment system that was developed included a metering pump, groundwater discharge pump, and all process control instruments.


For this project, our mandate was to:

  • Conduct a study to measure the water infiltration flow rate and analyze various treatment options that could be applied at the site (decalcification, use of acidic chemicals or chemical dispersants, and periodic scaling);
  • Recommend the best treatment option based on technical and economic factors;
  • Analyze various implementation methods (automated vs. constant metering, automated vs. manual operations) and design the most relevant system;
  • Prepare technical specifications, including a description of the contractor’s responsibilities and tasks, as well as the data sheets for all the equipment;
  • Develop the control logic, process diagrams and the tender schedule;
  • Monitor the installation of the treatment system and its start-up.

Client and project details


Cosigma Structure inc.

Specialists in structural and civil engineering


Unclogging of groundwater discharge equipment and groundwater treatment solution.


Montreal, Quebec