Project description

Akvo was hired by ASDR Canada Inc. to manage a project to design and engineer an effluent treatment system for a gold mine with a 1,800-m3/h capacity. The treatment system is made up of a series of reactors that treat copper-cyanide complexes, heavy metals in solution, and nitrates using biological treatment processes, through a settling pond and a sludge management system.


For this project, our mandate was to:

  • Review data for the design of the project;
  • Plan and supervise project activities and tasks;
  • Manage design teams (hydraulics, electrical, mechanical, structural, process, etc.);
  • Write reports and technical memos;
  • Validate project deliverables;
  • Estimate and control project costs;
  • Coordinate the activities with the project’s EPC contractor;
  • Perform hydraulic gauging of all components in the effluent treatment line;
  • Develop a management and storage plan for sludge from the treatment process;
  • Lead a feasibility study for the installation of GeotubesTM as a way to dewater sludge;
  • Design and present a plan to store sludge within the tailings site, which would save a significant amount of space and enable the sludge to be buried automatically as the site fills up;
  • Design site drainage plans, including hydrologic estimates and hydraulic gauging of all crossing structures (pipes, ditches, culverts);
  • Assist the client with the treatment system start-up, making adjustments as needed and ensuring that the treatment line’s various components are fully functional.

Client and project details


ASDR Canada inc.

A mining services company specializing in engineering, water treatment, fabrication and project management.


Design a mining effluent treatment system with a 1,800-m3/h capacity.


Suriname, South America